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A Case for the Weekend Wedding in Havana, part 2: Saturday

A Case for the Weekend Wedding in Havana, part 2: Saturday
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If you missed it, be sure to read A Case for the Weekend Wedding in Havana, part 1: Friday before day 2


Saturday in Havana - and the big day. 


Have brunch at Vistamar:  If you remember any high school Spanish then you already know that this place has a view of the water, but it also has a great Miami deco vibe, as well as amazing seafood and beautiful sunset ambiance. Mains are $12 to $15.



Cigar & Rum Tasting Bar Madrigal: Get a hands-on education about Cuba’s rum and cigar scene on the breezy balcony of this vintage-style bar decorated with modern art from locals artists. The bohemian vibe out on the balcony feels very 1920s Hemingway and every December, during the Havana film festival, celebrities and film industry people congregate here.  Plan ahead so that you come when a jazz band is playing.



The owner is Cuban filmmaker Rafael Rosales, who converted the entirety of the common areas of his house into Bar Madrigal in the 1990s, when the Cuban government first began to legalize entrepreneurialism. Interestingly, he was assistant director in the oscar-nominated Cuban film, Fresa y Chocolate, which took place in ‘la guarida’ (the hideaway) that was the main character’s apartment, and what would subsequently become La Guarida.


Wedding Reception & Dinner at La Guarida: The name translates to “the hideaway” and you will see why when you enter from a run down Havana street to walk into a grand mid-century mansion that looks like it’s straight out of a movie. This is the place that every celebrity visits when they come to Cuba. It is considered the #1 spot, and for good reason. From the time you walk in La Guarida is something you won’t have experience before.



The second story is vacant and a beautiful spot for an intimate wedding ceremony. The ceilings are vaulted with oversized windows and nostalgic scenes behind them. The lighting is soft, the linens and cutlery are lace and silver…  The view from all of the balconies is magnificent. You can't find a more beautiful and unique setting to get married. 



Prices for a wedding at La Guarida are expensive by Cuban standards, running at about $1,000 to reserve the venue, plus $40-$50 per person for food and $15 per person per hour for open bar. Fine international wines range from $18-$100.


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