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How to Pack for a yacht Trip

How to Pack for a yacht Trip
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FINALLY… You got that invite from your coworker with the skipper boyfriend, and you’ll be spending the weekend on a yacht! Dream come true, right?



Obviously, everything needs to be picture perfect for this occasion, because you know you’re going to gram the hell out of this boat scene. You need to be rested up, cleansed of any water retention from sushi Wednesday, and have those tootsies fitted with a so-fresh pedi. But you also need to pack!!! And you need to do it right. Because we all know there’s nothing worse than being on a yacht and realizing you forgot that $200 one-piece that you bought 3 years ago – JUST for this occasion. So we went did some field studying and came back with this checklist to make sure your trip is 100%. Please indulge:


Sunscreen: Obviously this is the first thing we have to put here. The reality with the sun is that it’s an abusive relationship. As much joy as it brings to us, it also brings pain - physically, aesthetically, and medically. But lets focus on what matters: shall you forgo the SPF, you will have to bust out that ‘sunburned as hell’ filter every time you want to post an IG story - which will be every 5 minutes because you’re on a yacht.


Cover-up wraps: We suggest that you bring a kimono or duster for every day that you’ll spend on the water. They’re great because you can go from bikini-clad to feeling safe under cover of more fabric in seconds, without having to deal with wet denim shorts or stretched out, salty cotton. And if you accidentally indulge in too much charcuterie (which every professional yachter has done), then you can quickly take cover without making it obvious that you're trying to hide your lady lumps. Match your cover-up to your swimsuits, and then style hats and accessories based on that look.


Cards: Lets face it, there’s something sexy about pirates. Not the scurvy-ridden, toothless pirate of the middle ages, or those really mean ones that terrorized Tom Hanks for like 70 hours; but rather the hygienically-inclined, blue eyed ones of the HBO and Showtime universes. When it comes to manners, food preparation and fashion, we don’t really have too much in common with our buccaneer ancestors, but one very Hollywood pirate thing that hasn’t lost its appeal since the Chinese invented it like a thousand years ago is the card game. Its cool and fun, and let’s face it, you’ll have nothing better to do.


Waterproof makeup essentials: Our advice here is to wear as little makeup as possible – and only use product that is waterproof and or comes off without making a scene. The sun, sweat and salt will make it obvious that you didn’t get your gorgeous eyelashes and perfectly bronzed cheeks from your mama. Try using just one or two products to highlight your best features. Urban Decay’s Brow Beater pencil goes on looking very natural, and stays on even in the water. Lancome’s Teint Idole Ultra Long Wear Foundation has SPF 15, so you can kill two birds with one stone.


Something nice - for dinners! Just because you’re on a boat doesn’t mean that you can’t cut the tags off that little black dress you bought on clearance last fall. Chances are, you’ll be docking in the harbor to go wine and dine with the other fancies, so don’t make the classic rookie mistake of packing only cutoffs and bikinis and embarrass yourself when you show up at dinner looking like the first-timer that you are.



Chunky, statement piece accessories: While it is tricky to navigate between those chunky necklaces and your tanning sesh, there’s really no better time to wear statement jewelry than when you’re on a yacht. The simplicity of your outfit (ie: bikini), paired with the ultra-fanciness of your environment gives way to the perfect opportunity to #makeastatement. Check out Pajaro Limon for some super Caribe vibe pieces.



Leave-in conditioner: You’re not going to live in the ocean for 3 days without getting some salt in your hair. But the good news is that this is the perfect time to do some intensive hair treatments. Aveda’s Damage Remedy Intensive Restructuring Treatment is $39 and worth every penny, and if you’re a blondie (by choice, not by nature), take this as the perfect opportunity to get some of that gold out of your hair with Pravana’s The Perfect Blonde Leave-In Treatment. Just make sure you wet your hair with fresh water and put the conditioner in before getting’ salty.


Classy suitcase: Sure, that oversized luggage you bought in college serves you well enough. It gets you from A to B with half of your wardrobe by your side. But does it make you look like you belong on a yacht? Probably not. Because the nautical crowd doesn’t tend to take all of their belongings with them on their weekend getaways. Check out Milonga’s duffles. They have beautiful original prints and are the perfect size for your purposes.



Gift: This may be the most important item on the list because it dictates whether or not this is an opportunity of a lifetime or the beginning of your new life style. You don’t need to go crazy. Think super-relevant, easy-to-pack items like a good bottle of wine and some hard artisan cheeses.



So there you have it. Your first-time-yachter packing checklist. And remember, you’re not going to have as much space as you’re used to having on vacation, so try to pack in the most efficient, organized way that you can. Happy Yachting!!!


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