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Our Favorite Travel Couples

Our Favorite Travel Couples
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They say if you really want to get to know someone, take a trip with them. And if you’ve been on an extended holiday with your significant other, you get it. Sun and fun aside, traveling can be stressful, and that stress can bring out a side of you that you try to keep hidden. But what good does it do to postpone showing your true colors? “The reality of traveling as a couple is the reality of a relationship.”


Whether that is a good or a bad thing for you and your SO, only time (and airline points) will tell. But the Insta-famous travel couples flooding your feed tell another story – that life on the horizon is romantic, and conducive to a beautiful, thriving relationship. You know who we’re talking about: those beautiful sun-kissed Gods and Goddesses whose love is picture perfect and all over social media. They inspire us to step it up a notch next date night. Here are our favorites:



Cam & Kels @thewanderfullyfe: Self-proclaimed ‘married and homeless,’ this wandering duo has an IG feed that will make you want to sell your worldly possessions and head to the beach. Never has vagrancy looked so glamorous (see waterfall shot below). Currently in Bali, they eat their breakfast in the pool, bathe under waterfalls, and have furry friends named Waffles.



Marie & Jake @mariefeandjakesnow: This very international couple has an amazing love story that involves a lot of plane tickets and spans the globe. Their content is entering the video realm, and is borderline amazing. We love them for all the reason listed, plus - Marie is utterly adorable and Jake never wears a shirt.



Collette and Scott @roamaroo: “Desk jockeys” turned vagabonds, Collette and Scott are the ultimate travel couple. From scuba diving in the Maldives, to sailing along the Amalfi Coast, to trekking the mountains of Peru, they are living their best lives, and documenting every moment just in case we have a moment without FOMO.




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